Wednesday, January 21, 2009

January 21, 2009

Throughout my life, I believe I've drawn and experienced the magic of thousands of places, people, and random worlds to encounter. I really thought hard about it, and I'm pretty positive that this is only the second wild west drawing I've ever done...EVER. I can remember the last drawing I did under this theme, but I was six years I guess I'm well due. It's such a random community/time period to draw, and there were TONS of great characters that all ended up at the ye olde Saloon, which I know I'll be visiting again sometime soon.

If that wasn't enough Utilisaurus overload...then, I give you the second appearance of, THE AGE OF PROSPERITY!

In this strip, we see the emergence of the other recurring character, Davey's roommate, Luke.

LUKE- Always a friend first, he often takes on the role as therapist, or a somewhat voice of reason in Davey’s life. As we all know things that we wish weren’t true about the unfairness that is being a grown-up, Luke usually ends up being the one to deliver this crucial blow of truth..., which in the end is always the right thing. Still, no one can be perfect all the time, and we soon see Luke eventually drawn into Davey’s new ways of scamming some opportunity to make things just a little bit easier in both their lives. But then, just as things turn up badly, Luke can often be the one sitting there, with the shivering parental voice of, “I told you so.”

© The Age of Prosperity, 2009 - Strip #2


  1. Wow, looked through your blog a bit... you have a crazy-unique style. Really strange, really lively. Very cool. :)

  2. I love the comic strip in this post. Do you make them regularly?

  3. Thanks! I don't make the comics every day...i'm trying to do around two a week to be posted along with a new sketchbook drawing. Check back shortly for strip #3!