Sunday, January 25, 2009

January 25, 2009

INSPIRATION SERIES, #2 - Albert Einstein
I'm a big fan of science, mainly the discoveries and breakthroughs of the early 20th century...and with a big interest in theoretical physics, I draw inspiration from Einstein. I'm not necessarily saying that Einstein inspires my art because of his mathematical models and advancement in the core of physics, but it's mainly due to his sheer dedication to the field, overlooking dozens of very vocal opponents to his theories...and knowing in his mind and heart he had the answer.


Now, there are some people who use their sheer brilliance more towards surviving, finding their next meal under any circumstances...which as we see from Davey, is pretty extreme! Hey, the economy may be sitting right next to that old pie he found in the dumpster!

© The Age of Prosperity, 2009 - Strip #3

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  1. Great representation of Einstein. Unique and original!

  2. Man... I'd love to see you draw Stephen Hawking.