Sunday, March 8, 2009

March 08, 2009

Today I'm adding a digit to my age, SO in celebration of the day of my birth, on the day or rest, on day light savings day, I'm giving myself the day OFF!

For your information, on the day I entered the universe, 99 Red Balloons by Nena was ruling the charts, and those economists we're predicting the future...and pretty accurately too! (see Time cover)

One more huge moment in history happened on the date in 1618, when the brilliant Johannes Kepler discovers the third law of planetary motion! Ironically, NASA just launched two days ago, the Kepler Mission, which is sending a new space telescope to search for Earth-like planets orbiting other stars. Through pursuing the scientific objective, the telescope will determine how many terrestrial and larger planets there are in or near the habitable zone of a wide variety of stars. This is a breakthrough in space exploration, and the human beings entire perception on the theory of our existence. The Hubble Space Telescope has detected bodies that are strikingly similar as Earth, and these discoveries were a stunner to the scientific world. Who knows where this mission will take us! Still though, a simpler celebration for today is that WATCHMEN is in theaters...entertainment is all around us at the moment!

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  1. happy (belated) birthday! i hope you had a good one!