Monday, February 9, 2009

February 09, 2009

Yesterday concluded the New York City Comic Con, and as much as I belong and fit in there completely, I can't resist the urge to draw some funny convention kids. The con has become WAY more than just a grouping of industry fans, but is now a great place to showcase your work, comic style or not. Animators, Advertisers, and of course the comic industry is there, booths ready to take a look at the talent that hasn't yet been given a chance.

By the way, the shorter kid is wearing a Superman costume. Curse the B&W line drawing!

Oh, and by the hometown newspaper, The Evening Sun wrote an article about me and my work. I used to do editorial cartoons years ago when I was a sure was a fun way to make $10.


  1. Your illustration style is superb. Especially love the Vulcan.