Friday, February 20, 2009

February 20, 2009

Even though the entrepreneur badge is part of the life force that is the badge sash, she couldn't resist her childlike instinct that is thin mints + consumption = pure bliss.

Reposted from February 12, 2009

On a really random note...I was going through my old piles of papers in my studio and came upon an illustration I did in college. I scanned part of it, cause I think it's still funny seeing chickens holding signs that say "wanker". It part of a piece from my thesis where I did a series of illos based on different Mad Libs that people did. good times.


  1. my favorite cookie in the GS category as well. very unique style!

  2. ahh, a light on a gloomy, snowy day: girl scout cookies!

  3. The Thin Mint instinct is indeed a tough one to overcome.

    And chickens holding "wanker" signs is hilarious. I'm not sure why. I think both chickens and the word "wanker" are inherently funny in and of themselves.

    P.S. Love your style, especially when you translate it to color.